Tie Jig

This week, the posse consisted of just Jim and myself; Julian being stuck down a hole somewhere, and Andrew being off chasing the ghost of the Northern Pacific. Between this and a previous session with Andrew, we have most of the ties laid. The trick to placing ties quickly and accurately is a tie jig, which my daughter helped me build a couple of months ago. It could hardly be simpler, but it saves a lot of faffing with glue and individual sticks of wood.


Turnout Ties

This week, after a short hiatus to visit my family, I'm doing more figuring on how a Canada Atlantic turnout must have looked. "What, can't we just pull some standard drawings from the AREA and use those?" I hear you asking. Well, no, we can't and for that reason, we also can't use the excellent kits from the Proto:87 Stores either.

Figuring the ties for a turnout

Printed Turnout Parts?

Working with Julian Watson on his Victorian Railways modules ( we came across the problem of how to represent VR switches. His branch had a delightful lack of tie plates, and so, the first problem was how to reduce the thickness of the ties to allow for the slide plates. The second was how to represent the peculiar VR rail braces.

Pembroke II Benchwork Nearing Completion

Starting in January, the Proto:87 Posse has upped its activity level here in Vancouver. Julian Watson had been hosting us about once a month through the fall of 2012. We increased this to bi-weekly in the new year because, well, we weren't making sufficent progress. Then in March, we started cutting out the pieces for my layout, Pembroke II. The sketch below shows the plan.

Pembroke II Plan

Space ready for the new Pembroke

At long last the space is ready for the new version of Pembroke.

Here are before and after photos.

Finished layout space

Posse comes to Pembroke

Layout mockup
I could hold them off no longer. It was time for the posse to descend on my own basement, which has been in renovation for over a year. When I invited them, I had grand hopes of being in a place where they could actually help me with benchwork construction, but as the date loomed, it became clearer and clearer that this would not be the case.

Proto:87 Posse Builds Turnouts

  by renegourley

Last night was a hideous night for driving to Langley. The roads were deep and shining with rain, and in traffic my windshield wipers could barely keep up. As with most North Vancouverites, I rarely go across the Second Narrows, much less the Port Mann Bridge, and so, of course we missed our turn and overshot. Fortunately, Julian had his phone with him and was able to redirect me back to the true path.

Proto:87 Posse Progress

Assembling module 1 by renegourley

It's been a few months since I posted on the progress of the Proto:87 Posse. Since that time, we have visited Jim Peters and Julian Watson and mostly talked about their plans. This month we were out to Andrew Hutchinson's place, where we spent a little time reviewing his ideas for a small display layout. Then it was out to the shop to work on Julian's modules.

The Continuing Travels of the Proto:87 Posse

It's been two months since we were at Chris's house. In October we traveled out to Langley to visit Jim and see his space. It was largely a talking session, and I think he's been convinced to bend Prince Rupert around the room to allow a little running room. He's in the middle of renovating the main floor of his house right now, and just sawed off the ends of his fingers, and so, it will be interesting to see his progress the next time we're out there.

The Proto:87 Posse at Chris Reid's House

This week, the Proto:87 Posse (we had to come up with a catchy name) showed up at Chris' house. Chris has benchwork in place for half his layout and wanted some help on figuring out what to do with it. He's new to Proto:87, but I have a feeling, judging by some of the track he's handlaid before, that he's going to be a big producer once he gets going.

He's been collecting passenger equipment and has a ton of really nice cars. Sadly, like all of us, he is a wee bit tight for space, and so, we're not going to see the Super Continental winding its way through the Rockies on his layout. We did come up with what we believe is a workable concept for terminal switching his passenger trains, though. There is also space for a tiny bit of freight switching, but the focus is going to be passenger.

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