The Proto:87 Special Interest Group
When Proto:87 was just getting going, back in the early days of the Web, we had a little special interest group, in affiliation with the NMRA. The SIG was never meant to be much different than a mail list, and in time, the Yahoo list had all the activity. So, the SIG has largely dissipated.

The Proto:87 Journal
From 1995 through 2000, we published, under the auspices of the Proto:87 SIG, a bi-annual newsletter. Well, bi-annual was a little bit too ambitious, and three times every two years is closer to the truth. Ultimately, family commitments and life in general intervened, and the Journal fell off the priority list. Here, however, are all the issues that I still have electronically.

The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors, or of the editor where they are not otherwise credited. They are not endorsed by the NMRA, the editor or the SIG unless noted.